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PAR30-11W LED Reflectors

PAR30-11W LED Reflectors
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11 Watts PAR30 Reflector - to replace 75W halogen lamp


Life Span : ≥ 10 Years 40,000 hrs 
Warranty : 2 Years      
Lumens : 600lm
Colour Temperature : Commerciall White
Beam Angle : 25°
Eco-friendly : No mercury, infrared or UV rays                                                                                                                                                                                  Dimension : ¢95mm*102mm
Compliance : CE, RoHS

Our 11W PAR30 LED Lamp is a  perfect replacement for less energy-efficient, hotter conventional PAR30 halogen lamps.
With high quality powerful LED and unique thermal control technology that offer superior uniformity of light and features high lumen maintenance and stable performance. High shock and vibration resistant with aluminum body; As an safe and durable light source, Our 11W PAR30 LED Lamp is eco-friendly, illuminating without mercury, infrared or UV rays that can damage objects, degrade materials, or fade paints and dyes. Its high energy saving and long lifetime (50,000 hours to 80% lumen maintenance) significantly reduces total cost of operation and ownership. High efficacy, up to 90% energy saving compared with halogen lamp

Product Code QSP-PAR30-11WT
Condition New

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