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T5 High-performance Adapter

T5 High-performance Adapter
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T5 High-Performance Adapter

Saved 42% energy & 12% of luminance improvement


Features :

Easy Installation - Replace the old T8/T10 fluorescent tube by T5 tube easily, without changing circuit or dismantling original electric components (save labor cost).

Energy Saving - 35% to 50% energy saved, recover investment capital in 6 to 10 months.

High power factor - Low circuit current, so that it can effectively reduce line loss and improve utilization rate of power grid.

High brightness Output of T5/28W total lumen can reach 2600lm, which original T8/40W total lumen only achieve 2300lm.

Good illumination effect - Produce by using rare earth tri-phosphor fluorescent powder with little luminous decay, comfortable and natural light color and genuine color rendering.

High frequent design - The working frequent of lamp is over 40 KHz and starts instantly without stroboflash or noise, better vision protection.

Special Technical Design :

  • PBT outer-shell flame retardant material
  • Imported electrolytic capacitor and transistor elements with longer life-span.
  • SMT chip technology, steady performance,artistic workmanship.
  • Build-in preheat function, extend the life-span effectively.
  • Unique temperature control equipment, auto power off when over 125ºC

Technical Indexes:
Voltage of power supply: AC220V ± 20 percent 50/6Hz
Power factor (PF): >0.99 total harmonic distortion: <15 percent
Working ambient temperature: -20+70 centigrade

This product conforms to the following standards: IEC60968, IEC60969, IEC61000-3-3, IEC61000-3-2, GB7000.10-1999 and GB/T17263- 2002.Applicable objects-all the recessed modular and fluorescent light and fixtures which use inductance ballast are widely applied in several places, such as factories, schools, malls, office buildings, hospitals and underground car parks.


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